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City Council Lueneburg for centralized eMail solution

06.10.2004 - Press release

Integration into the security architecture without decrease in security and without any change to the Client

Hanover, 06.10.04 - The city council of Lueneburg has had the IT service provider netFORMAT integrate the OpenSource-product GnuPG ( into their existing eMail infrastructure in a way that the end user can receive and send encrypted messages now with the press of a button. This centralized solution is now in place to enable the department of ‚??Social services‚?Ě to exchange highly confidential personalized data with other departments in other districts by more up-to-date methods.

The sensitive data consists of personalized information for exchange with other welfare institutions or details about hospital treatment used to generate the welfare accountings. Before the department used to file the data on floppy disk to be sent by postal services. Now with CompanyCRYPT the information exchange has become simple convenient and secure.

This self-development software unifies content inspection and content security on a single server, with which it becomes possible, to automatically scan encrypted eMails for viruses, Trojans and internet worms. For this the already existing content-scan-product "MAILsweeper for SMTP", which safe guarded the internal net, was enhanced by the ability of de- and encryption. In the same manner in which virus scanner and other methods are activated within the Clearswift product to enforce company-wide security policies, now the licence free PGP variant GnuPG realises the de- and encryption.

Stefan Domanske, IT-security administrator at city council Lueneburg points out the advantages: "The end user now can send their eMails encrypted without any extra effort and fully concurring with legal requirements. Neither a roll-out of client software, nor user training, nor any modification to the client PCs was necessary. Only the security administrator has to be capable of correctly handling the key management."

For the future the city council of Lueneburg is planning on using encrypted eMails also for other applications or even mobile appliances with this solution. Furthermore the same concept will be used for tele-work and web portals.


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