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Symposium IsSec/ZertiFA 2004 (06.-07.12.2004)

01.12.2004 - News item from netFORMAT GmbH

Infrastructures of IT data protection and IT security put to the test.

Mr. Schneider-Jansohn, consultant for content security, will give a lecture on ??eMail content security despite encryption?? on this event. He will also pass on his experiences while implementing central encryption solutions

Main topics that will be discussed during this symposium:
  • CERTs: more than the internet fire brigade
  • Trusted Computing: Chances, risiks and status quo
  • Legal requirements for the IT-security
  • The new law concerning illegal advertisement (UWG): Can spam be fought with legal measures?
  • Identity management: The Liberty Alliance approach
  • Mobile devices as the backdoor to the company network
  • IT-security as a factor of competition and success
  • eMail-content-security despite encryption?!
  • Current approaches concerning the basic IT security
  • Field report: BS 7799-certification
  • Data security audit
  • Field report concerning data security cachets
  • IT-security cachets comparison
  • The D21-Initiative reflecting about a cachet
December 2004 in the hotel The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin. More information:


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