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CompanyCRYPT, the encryption module for Clearswift MIMEsweeper, has been awarded again.

12.04.2006 - Press release of S.I.T. Secure Internet Traffic

HANOVER, 12th April 2006 - S.I.T. Secure Internet Traffic, developer for content security software in Hanover (Germany), has been awarded for the second time with the 'Innovation prize 2006' in the category IT security by the 'Initiative middle class business'. The security solution provider received this award for the central eMail encryption solution "CompanyCRYPT".

CompanyCRYPT is a server based solution that enables centralized anti-virus and anti-spam checking even on encrypted eMails.

Besides the personal signing and encryption of eMails CompanyCRYPT also allows the signing with a company key, much like an internal post office. And thanks to the new straightforward technique of "Mail Initiated Key Exchange" (MIKE) the required public keys can now be exchanged easily without the need for a key server. S.I.T. utilises an automatic exchange pattern, that can be started with a simple unformatted email from the external partner. No administrator nor end user need to interact here.

By the complete integration into the Clearswift content security product 'MIMESweeper for SMTP' customers don??t have to invest in new hardware for their encryption solution. Especially high-availability environments benefit from this. All redundancy and backup measures remain unchanged causing absolutely no extra costs.

Frank Brandenburg, CEO Clearswift GmbH welcomed this extension by S.I.T.: "Where our content scanner had to fish in shallow water, because what is invisible cannot be scanned, there is now brought light to the darkness."

All details about the 'Innovation prize 2006' are available at


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