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New Version of CompanyCRYPT on the Market - The Key to Confidential E-mail Exchange

23.02.2007 - News from Secure Internet Traffic

Version 1.3 with optimised integration in Clearswift MIMEsweeper

Hanover, 23rd February 2007
- S.I.T. Secure Internet Traffic has launched the new version 1.3 of its software-module CompanyCRYPT. This new version offers numerous extended functionalities along with several improvements. CompanyCRYPT was specifically designed as a module that integrates itself automatically in the leading content-security solution on the market: ??MIMEsweeper for SMTP? by Clearswift. CompanyCRYPT extends the abilities of the ??MIMEsweeper for SMPT? by email-encryption and digital signatures. This integration has been taken another step further in version 1.3.

More and more, especially business related e-mails, contain confidential and personal data. Solutions are needed, to ensure that these don??t fall into the wrong hands and also to verify the authenticity of documents. Solutions that ensure encryption and compliance with legal requirements. CompanyCRYPT by S.I.T. Secure Internet Traffic guarantees all that.

The most outstanding improvement of version 1.3 is the ability to encrypt emails not only with PGP and S/MIME but also ad hoc. ??With the Ad Hoc encryption we provide a secure and yet easy to use method which allows to spontaneously send encrypted messages to just any recipient. This finally makes the protection of confidentiality feasible?, stated by Birk Zscheppank, Managing Director of S.I.T. Secure Internet Traffic.

Additionally version 1.3 opens functionalities to the end user that allow the individual control of encryption and the digital signature. If needed the user can choose whether and how the email should be protected. By the use of control words instructions are passed to MIMEsweeper.
From now on the gateway also offers an extended automatic verification of digital email-signatures by the use of certificates from certification authorities, even up to the verification of complete certificate chains.

With version 1.3 CompanyCRYPT also supports the current use of S/MIME v3- characteristics in separate certificates. The support of French as the third language option, extensive internal improvements and some bug fixes as well as numerous refinements in the administrative interface top off the latest version of CompanyCRYPT. ??With v1.3 we took a big step forward. We have advanced CompanyCRYPT to an encryption solution which completely integrates into MIMEsweeper. Through the improved functions the module is now ready for automatic operation and flexible deployment for businesses in any size?, explains Birk Zscheppank.

CompanyCRYPT has been developed to enable companies to exchange confidential eMails with external business partners, customers or suppliers via the internet. The emails of the employees are automatically encrypted without any extra effort and delivered in compliance with legal obligations. Besides a personalised email-signature, a message can alternatively be signed with a company key similar to an internal postal office. The integration of CompanyCRYPT into the ??MIMEsweeper for SMTP? involves a minimum of effort only. There is no investment in additional hardware necessary. The existing infrastructure remains unchanged and the whole administration is kept centralised. The end user does not need any additional training.

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