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Clearswift Releases New MIMEsweeper for SMTP Edge Server as part of MIMEsweeper Re-Architecture

22.10.2007 - News from Clearswift

Clearswift today introduced the new MIMEsweeper for SMTP Edge Server an email firewall that protects business critical infrastructures from spam, viruses and malware. This new architecture allows MIMEsweeper for SMTP software to focus on its core competency??data loss prevention, outbound content control and policy enforcement, with the Edge Server providing dedicated, self managing boundary hygiene.

In addition to filtering the spam, viruses and malware before it hits the internal network, the Edge Server provides a safe and trusted connection for confidential communications between an organization and its valued business partners through the use of TLS encryption. By deploying the Edge Server, a company??s servers will be more reliable, the networks faster and storage less packed with unwanted information. With less information flowing to the main core of MIMEsweeper, email will arrive faster and reporting will be more responsive while reducing the amount of maintenance required. With the addition of the Edge Server, MIMEsweeper Policy Servers will sit inside the network and focus on content management and policy enforcement.

??The Edge Server allows our customers to focus on getting the most business enablement from their MIMEsweeper investment, while leaving all of the daily email noise for Clearswift to handle? said Alyn Hockey, director of product management for Clearswift.

The Edge Server features a secure Linux core and powerful operating philosophy, and takes Clearswift??s concept of Service Based Architecture to another level by splitting email and Internet security solutions deployments between the safe network and the DMZ. Clearswift is making it possible for companies to move their MIMEsweeper Policy Servers into the safe network where they can process clean email and enforce data leakage and acceptable use policies while placing the Edge Server in the DMZ to stop threats from reaching the corporate network.

??The new Edge Server from Clearswift offers security and protection for MIMEsweeper customers by providing an additional layer of spam protection at the boundary that includes spam reputation services, spam filters, Anti-Virus and TLS encryption,? said Brian Burke, Program Director at IDC. ??This evolution of Clearswift's product strategy will allow MIMEsweeper users to optimise email boundary hygiene and exploit Clearswift's policy enforcement and data loss prevention capabilities inside the network."

Hockey added, ??The Edge Server will handle the incoming threats right at the gateway. It??s an easy to manage and maintain solution for email hygiene. It means more free time for IT, more bandwidth, more disk space, more responsiveness and more security.?

The Edge Server is a logical extension of Clearswift??s vision for Policy Enforcement, which is the core for any Internet and email security strategy. The service allows Clearswift to addresses all hygiene issues in a single location outside the network while freeing its content and policy engines to focus on content security and policy enforcement.

The Edge Server includes the following features:

? Advanced Anti-spam technology supporting:
- Clearswift??s TRUSTmanager hands-free reputation services
- Clearswift??s SPAMlogic anti-spam engine
- Grey Listing capability for spam connection management
- DNS-based filters using SPF, RBL and SURBL
- Bayesian, Signatures and Heuristic engines
? ThreatLAB managed lists
? Kaspersky Anti-virus available as a costed option
? Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption for server to server connections
? Multi-box support based on V5 SMTP License
? Full multi-server support for Policy, Reporting and Quarantine area management
? Generation of SNMP and SMTP alerts for system alarms
? Remote/scheduled backups, updating and patching support
? Multi-server peering for consistent policy enforcement



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