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Clearswift adds *on box* encryption and real-time URL categorisation to award winning security products

13.05.2010 - News from Clearswift

Clearswift, the software security company, today announces new releases of its award-winning web and email security gateways. The new products provide a comprehensive and integrated solution to protect businesses from data loss, spam, malware, viruses, identity theft, phishing and other network and data threats enabling them to confidently embrace today‚??s collaborative social networking and web 2.0 technologies.

Research undertaken by Clearswift in 2007, found that just 11% of businesses were making use of Web 2.0 technologies such as Facebook and Three years on, the latest figures show over two-thirds of companies are allowing the use of web collaboration or social media tools in the workplace.

Clearswift Secure Email Gateway 3.1

  • More sophisticated encryption: Expanding on the basic Transport Layer Security (TLS), Clearswift‚??s new email product enables encryption of the message content rather than encryption of the connection between two servers. Encryption can be based on who the message is being sent to, or based on certain content within it: for example when certain keywords or phrases are added such as ‚??confidential‚?Ě or the detection of PCI or PII information. The new encryption capabilities support message encryption and decryption of PGP and S/MIME messages along with a method to send messages securely to recipients without the need for PGP or S/MIME keys and certificates.
  • Improved anti-spam engine: Clearswift‚??s new anti-spam engine now delivers 99% spam detection rate ‚?? thought to be the best in the industry, with an extremely low false positive rate. For the first time, the engine uses a cloud-based system to classify non-cach√©d messages in real-time, meaning that responsiveness to spam outbreaks is significantly improved.

Clearswift Secure Web Gateway 2.1

  • Real-time website categorisation: Inappropriate websites can be assessed (and if necessary, blocked) in real-time using technology which recognises the typical characteristics of *inappropriate* sites. This technology is also used to help prevent inappropriate images being displayed on a Google Image search.
  • HTTPS certificate policy: The HTTPS decryption option allows the content of encrypted web traffic to be inspected for policy violations and also allows the administrator to easily, as part of the certificate policy, whitelist sites that they trust that fail the certificate validation checks. The encrypted content from such sites is still content checked despite the certificate error being ignored. The improvements make management far easier and remove the need for individual users 'override' barriers to certain sites, making the new system far more secure.

Alf Pilgrim, Clearswift‚??s Chief Technology Officer said: ‚??Our latest web and email products come with significant upgrades, at the core of which is the sophisticated content inspection technology that Clearswift has developed. I firmly believe that it is this advanced level of content inspection and the unification of policy across both web and email that makes our products stand out from the crowd.‚?Ě



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