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Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway

Modern business simply couldn't function without email. However, both incoming and outgoing messages can pose significant risks to the security of company networks and confidentiality. It is therefore vital that an organisations email gateway is able to mitigate spam, neutralise viruses and prevent data leaks without hindering the free flow of messages.

The Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway is a trusted email gateway security solution that gets the balance right.

Built on MIMEsweeper, Clearswifts celebrated content-inspection and filtering technology, the Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway is a highly effective and resilient email gateway for 50 to 50,000 users. With the Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway installed, your organisation can be confident that it is protected from digital threats and data leaks while employees communicate freely by email.

Both Web and Email Appliances exploit Clearswift SECURE the policy-based content-inspection and filtering platform. Template policies can be tailored at user level to enable the safe exchange of information. For example, collaborative website use can be allowed but file uploads and display of inappropriate content prevented.

Flexible reporting supports policy development, meaning access to essential online tools and services can be preserved and managed, preventing data leaks and mitigating regulatory and reputational risks. Convenient deployment options, including virtualised appliances, can also bring major benefits.

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