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What can CompanyCRYPT

Content-Scan despite encryption

CompanyCRYPT was designed as a module to be fully integrated into the MIMEsweeper. By this unique approach CompanyCRYPT enables centralized anti-virus and anti-spam scans even on encrypted content. It also enables the leading content-security product MIMEsweeper to apply the security policies on all eMails with no exception, especially not on the encrypted ones.

Ad Hoc encryption

Secure transmission of e-mails is now possible to all communication partners, even if the latter do not deploy any encryption technology of their own. Both ad hoc encryption and the standard OpenPGP and S/MIME procedures enable CompanyCRYPT to provide a convenient means of immediately sending encrypted messages to any recipient. The fact that the whole mail is encrypted means that ad hoc encryption may be used for both mails with and without attachments. In order to access the protected e-mail data and view and edit files received, the recipient simply requires the password.


CompanyCRYPT completely supports both international accredited encryption standards - OpenPGP and S/MIME. This enables you to encrypt with virtually all the available client implementations that your communication partner may use.

User control

Encryption and digital signature functions may also be individually controlled by the end user if desired. Encryption may be activated
via control words, the integration with Outlook also offering the convenience of the "Confidentiality" mail option. This makes secure mail communication simple and flexible enough to be applied by any user.


It secures your communication to other branches with separate eMail-domain much like a tamperproof channel.

Support for complex distributed MIMEsweeper environments

With version 1.2 full support for MIMEsweeper's clustering abilities are implemented in CompanyCRYPT without the need for extra hardware or software. The automatic synchronisation makes administration on distributed systems in a complex environment effortless. Administration of all CompanyCRYPT systems is achieved now centrally in one step.

"MIKE" makes key exchange a child's play

By the new technology "Mail Initiated Key Exchange" (MIKE), public keys now can be exchanged in a much simpler and more human way without the need for costly key server. S.I.T. utilizes an automated exchange process, which can be started by the communications partner with a simple unformatted eMail. Neither the administrator nor the internal user need to interact here.


Alongside German and English, the current version of CompanyCRYPT provides full support for French as a third language variation for communication with end users.

Support of S/MIME V3-Standard

The expansions described in Version 3 of the S/MIME-Standard, such as purpose, restrictions and so forth, are supported by CompanyCRYPT, making it possible to use different certificates for signatures and encryption, for example.

Restructured administrative interface with practical Start-Up Center

The administrative interface has been completely revised in CompanyCRYPT version 1.4. To facilitate an intuitive and improved workflow among other improvements the display of lists has been highly optimized. The re-designed menu structure and the brand new start-up centre provide a more transparent and convenient access to all major functionalities. Besides the Internet Explorer the Web-GUI now also supports Mozilla Firefox.

Integrated Update-Check

With the help of the new update-check function CompanyCRYPT now regularly checks for the availability of new updates or maintenance packs. The update view itself provides details about the new releases. By this the administrator can rest assure not to miss any security relevant updates.

Automatic backup and recovery, even manually if needed

A completely automatic backup routine is part of version 1.2. This not only includes the vital configuration information, but also all sensitive key material is saved to an encrypted container. The scheduled process can be adjusted to administrative needs. Also a manual backup or restore can be run at any time.

Company signature and domain key

As well as personalised e-mail signatures and encryption, CompanyCRYPT also supports the use of group, company and domain keys.
The gateway also makes it possible to operate a mail administration system using signature via a company key. This enables you to prevent abuse of your e-mail addresses and brand names and creates confidence amongst your communication partners.

Groupware-interface enables automatic key administration

Managing internal keys can now be automated with CompanyCRYPT. This is based on a new interface towards the internal groupware. All valid addresses can now be made visible to CompanyCRYPT. Generating new keys can be performed fully automatic, whenever there is a definite request.

In the next step obsolete keys can be handled in a similar fashion. This way the administrative effort to keep key material up-to-date remains absolutely minimal.

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