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Next generation of the Encryption Moduls for Clearswift MIMEsweeper

Offering many new functionalities and features, CompanyCRYPT is the central platform for flexible encryption and digital signatures in your email communication. As of now CompanyCRYPT Version 1.4 is available for all MIMEsweeper for SMTP Systems.

Automatic import of keys and certificates

New certificates and PGP keys from external partners are automatically detected and extracted by CompanyCRYPT. Certificates from trusted issuer, but also PGP keys are now automatically imported and become instantly ready for encryption or signature verification. This turns the former key exchange task into a hands-off process.

Administration of trusted issuer in a dedicated Trusted-CA-Store

Root- and Sub-CA certificates can now be conveniently managed in the Trusted-CA-Store. A filter controls which CA??s are admitted for automatic import. More than 170 CA certificates are already included in the installation.

Comprehensive signature validation across the whole chain of issuer

Signatures on emails are checked for validity and trustworthyness by CompanyCRYPT. For this process CompanyCRYPT now incorporates the whole chain of issuer.
Equally it includes all issuer certificates in a S/MIME signature. By this mechanism all signed emails can be reliably verified by the recipient.

Support for new types of trustcenter certificates

Trustcenter, like for example TC Trustcenter, have besides the well known personal certificates recently started to issue so called gateway- and team-certificates. These new types of certificates were developed to make business related email communication crossing mail gateways secure and trustworthy. With this corporate emails can be delivered with an automatic institutional signature. CompanyCRYPT supports signing and verification with these types of certificates.

Universal encryption scenarios, like "Best Effort" or "Always Encrypt"

Besides the policy related encryption jobs based on address lists, the version 1.4 offers new flexible encryption scenarios. With ??Best Effort? every email, for which a key or certificate is available, will be automatically encrypted.

In defined cases ??Always Encrypt?? will only let encrypted emails leave the company. If there is no key available for the recipient, the ??Ad Hoc Encryption?? can be selected and a password protected email will be generated or the message will simply be held up.

Restructured administrative interface with practical Start-Up Center

The administrative interface has been completely revised in CompanyCRYPT version 1.4. To facilitate an intuitive and improved workflow among other improvements the display of lists has been highly optimized. The re-designed menu structure and the brand new start-up centre provide a more transparent and convenient access to all major functionalities. Besides the Internet Explorer the Web-GUI now also supports Mozilla Firefox.

Integrated Update-Check

With the help of the new update-check function CompanyCRYPT now regularly checks for the availability of new updates or maintenance packs. The update view itself provides details about the new releases. By this the administrator can rest assure not to miss any security relevant updates.

Improved ??Decrypt Summary?? (HTML) and graphically enhanced email templates

The optical presentation of the decrypt summary for the internal user has been completely revised. The configurable HTML presentation can now be even adjusted to groupware requirements (Lotus Notes). In version 1.4 also all email templates have been revised and graphically improved. The new templates can now be more easily adapted to meet the corporate CI.

Keyserver features extended for internal users

Using the email based key server (MIKE) external communication partners can easily acquire the keys or certificates of internal corporate users. With version 1.4 this feature is also available to the internal user. It enables the user to personally initiate the distribution of their keys into the hands of their communication partners.

SyncManager for easy integration into distributed MIMEsweeper cluster

The new SyncManager simplifies the integration of CompanyCRYPT in distributed MIMEsweeper environments. With this assistant all base parameters needed for synchronisation are initialised on a MIMEsweeper server finalizing the installation in a single step. After that CompanyCRYPT can be managed like a single server system on the master server.

Support for the new OpenPGP RFC 4880, and many internal enhancements

By integrating the latest GnuPG and OpenSSL-modules CompanyCRYPT offers the highest security and stability, even in view of the extended OpenPGP-RFC 4880. Besides the internal optimisations on the email processing, some compatibility improvements with client products found in Linux and Macintosh environments have been put into operation.

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