CompanyCRYPT Update to v1.4.0     (Build 537)
This ReadMe provides useful information about prerequisites, content, installation and removal of this update.

This document contains the following topics:
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Update description
This package updates your CompanyCRYPT to version 1.4.0.

General benefits, added features und new functions since release of 1.3.1:


Security issues:

Problems addressed from release v1.3.1:

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Install this Update on the following versions of CompanyCRYPT only:

The account on which this Service Pack update is executed requires:
Warning: Before installing this Update, ensure that you have one of the prerequisite versions of the product listed above on your system.
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Installing the Update
Before installing this CompanyCRYPT update, ensure that you have read the Prerequisites section of this ReadMe.
Important: This Update must be installed on all PS.
Important: Do not start this update from a network share.
Note: The following services are stopped before and automatically started after installation
  • 'CompanyCRYPT Operational Service'
  • 'CompanyCRYPT Reprocessing Service'
  • 'MIMEsweeper for SMTP Security service'.
If the services cannot be stopped by the Update executable within 20 seconds, please stop the reported service(s) manually and start Update again.
Note: This update program does not (yet) display a progress bar. Therefore you will not see any response on the screen, while the services are stopped/started. We ask for your patience during this step that may last up to 20 seconds. The update itself only takes about 5 seconds.
RECOMMENDATION: Stop and restart the MIMEsweeper security service manually.
To install this CompanyCRYPT update, follow the instructions below.

  1. Strongly recommended: Copy of CompanyCRYPT folder
    Due to the little effort, the best rollback option is a simple filecopy of the complete CompanyCRYPT folder. This step does not require any services to be stopped.

  2. Execute 'CompanyCRYPT_v140_Update_537.exe'
    After verifying its integrity it will attempt to stop relevant services that are still active. Then the affected files are replaced. Finally the services that had been stopped (only those) will be restarted afterwards.

  3. IMPORTANT: Start either Console or WebGUI
    With this step some initialisation is performed. You can verify the new binary versions on the 'Info' tab with the ones listed below.

  4. Recommended: Check services
    It is advisable to confirm the operational status of the services mentioned above.

Note: All Templates will be replaced.
If you had already customized your templates, please check through them again. The previous templates with your modifications have been saved to:

[CompanyCRYPT installation folder]\_Previous_Version\Before_v1.4.0_537.
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Removing the Update
If you experience problems after installing this CompanyCRYPT update, you can remove it.

To remove this CompanyCRYPT update, follow the instructions below.
All files and folders changed or removed during the update process are stored in this folder:

[CompanyCRYPT installation folder]\_Previous_Version\Before_v1.4.0_537.

In this folder you will find a file with the name Changelog.txt.

This file contains the protocol of all changes made during the installation of the Service Pack. By reversing all steps listed there using the saved files in ...\_Previous_Version\Before_v1.4.0_537 you can undo all changes.
Important Note: During a manual rollback the following services need to be stopped:
  • 'CompanyCRYPT Reprocessing Service'
  • 'CompanyCRYPT Operational Service'
  • 'MIMEsweeper for SMTP Security service'
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Files included in this Update
The table below shows the files contained in this Update, listing their current version number at this update.

CompanyCRYPT program file Version Action
CCrypt.exe 1.8.2 Replace
CC-Console.exe 1.4.6 Replace
CC-Operate.exe 1.2.8 Replace
CC-Reprocess.exe 1.3.1 Replace
index.exe 1.9.3 Replace
CCSymDec.sys 1.0.4 Replace
SyncMng.exe 1.1.2 Add
openssl.exe 0.9.8g Replace
libeay32.dll Add/Replace
ssleay32.dll Add/Replace
libssl32.dll.dll Add
Body-Keyreply.htm - Add
Body-Keyreply.txt - Replace
Body-Notfound.htm - Add
Body-Notfound.txt - Replace
Body-Quickguide.htm - Add
Body-Quickguide.txt - Replace
Body_Key_Extracted.txt and htm - Add
Body_Key_Import_Failed.txt and htm - Add
Body_Key_Import_Success.txt and htm - Add
Bodytext.txt and htm - Replace
Bodytext_Pw.txt and htm - Replace
56x GIF picture (WebGUI) - Add/Replace
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