Installer/Updater for CompanyCRYPT v1.5.0     (Build 768)
This ReadMe provides useful information about prerequisites, content, installation and removal of this CompanyCRYPT release.

This document contains the following topics:
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CompanyCRYPT update description
This Installer/Updater will improve your CompanyCRYPT to version 1.5.0 (Build 768).
It includes all previous releases, maintenance packs and updates since the initial v1.4.0 (Build 537)

Added Features / Abilities:

Problems addressed in this release:


Security issues

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Description of previous updates
Topics covered by the previous releases:

1.4.6 (Build 747)

Added Features / Abilities

Problems addressed:

Security issues

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Install this CompanyCRYPT version on the following versions only:

The account under which this Installer/updater is executed requires:
Warning: Before installing this CompanyCRYPT version, ensure that you have one of the prerequisite versions of the product listed above on your system.
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Installing or updating the CompanyCRYPT version (v1.5.0, Build 768)
Before installing this CompanyCRYPT version, ensure that you have read the Prerequisites section of this ReadMe.
Important: This Installer/Update must be applied on all PS.
Important: Do not start this Installer/Updater from a network share.
Note: The following services are stopped before and automatically started after installation
  • 'MIMEsweeper for SMTP Security Service'
  • 'CompanyCRYPT Operational Service'
  • 'CompanyCRYPT Reprocessing Service'
To install this CompanyCRYPT version, follow the instructions below.

  1. Make a file copy of the complete CompanyCRYPT folder
    It is not required to stop the services for this step.

  2. Execute 'CompanyCRYPT_v150_768_Setup.exe' and follw the instructions
    Relevant and still active services are stopped and restarted afterwards.

  3. Start either SyncManger or WebGUI
    With this step some initialisation is performed. It is advisable to also confirm the operational status of the services mentioned above.

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Removing CompanyCRYPT v1.5.0 (Build 768)
If you experience problems during or after installing this CompanyCRYPT version, you should contact the CompanyCRYPT support immediately

To remove CompanyCRYPT, go in the Windows control panel and under 'programs and functions' select de-install CompanyCRYPT. Please consult the CompanyCRYPT Installation Guide for a detailed description of this procedure.

Important Note: When working on file level in the CompanyCRYPT folder the following services need to be stopped:
  • 'CompanyCRYPT Reprocessing Service'
  • 'CompanyCRYPT Operational Service'
  • 'MIMEsweeper for SMTP Security service'
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