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As an additional service we also offer training on our products. For administrators, this provides a quick access to the product and it's options along with a smooth and efficient operation.

On site training

A systems engineer will visit you and train your personnel. This is the most efficient way to clarify general or customer specific questions on the spot, even on your system, if needed.

Online training

This kind of training utilizes the internet in combination with a telephone conference, so you can address your questions directly to us. Prerequisites are: a PC with internet access, an Internet Explorer version 5 or higher including permission for download and execution of ActiveX-Controls and, of course, a telephone.

About the content

The training will impart knowledge on the following topics:
  • General functions, overview and principals
  • Explanation of configuration options based on practical examples
  • Best practice configuration
  • Problem analysis and troubleshooting
The main points of the training or specific contents can also be individually arranged.

Enrol now!

If you are interested in a training, just send an eMail to and name you preferred date or give us a call under +49 511 89997 10 to get you personal appointment.

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