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You would like to send us an encrypted eMail?

What does it take? Which information do you need?

Of course, you need the correct eMail address of the recipient.
The choice for the encryption method (PGP od S/MIME) is up to you and usually depends on the available software on your system (PC or Gateway).
For the encryption itself you will need the public key of the recipient.

How is that done?

Correct eMail-address? Our eMail address pattern looks like this: Also valid as a shortform:
PGP or S/MIME? The decision for the method is solely up to you. Both methods are fully supported by our system.
Public key, from where? Just send an eMail to, and enter the recipients eMail address in the subject line. By adding the words »PGP« or »SMIME« you decide which type of key you would like to get.


The desired key will be send to you by a reply email, providing the existing address was spelled correctly in the subject line.


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