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You want us to encrypt the eMails you receive from us?

What does it take? Which information do you need?

In order to encrypt eMails to your address we your public key.
Possibly further information, in case a special policy or a different address should be used.

What do you have to do?

Send us your public key. Write an eMail with the subject "Public Key" to and add your public key (PGP) as an attachment.

Example PGP:

If you use S/MIME, you don't have to attach the key. Just sign the eMail before you send it to us.

Example S/MIME:

Additional Informationen? You would like to ask for certain policies (encrypted and signed) or require a different method, for example PGP/MIME (OpenPGP)? Just note it in the body text of the eMail.


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