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PartnerSecurity software should not be compared to plug and play solutions. S.I.T.'s range of products takes you further to a comprehensive solution in content security and encryption.

From the very first contact, a CompanyCRYPT Premium partner will assist you.

Our Premium partner are authorized, trained and updated by us. They provide you with years of experience and are most familiar with customer needs. Together with you and their competence the Premium partner will work out exactly the solution that fits to your needs.

Blue Communications Software GmbH

Blue Communications Software GmbH was founded in January 1992. ??Blue" offers consulting and solutions in the areas of IBM Host-Integration, IT-Infrastructure (Microsoft Plattform) and IT-Security.Blue Communications Software GmbHMundsburger Damm 4522087 HamburgPhone: +49 40 401946-0Fax: +49 40 401946-46eMail: support@bluecom.deWeb:  

Computer & Competence GmbH

Since 1987 Computer & Competence provides consulting and services in and around IT business. We will support you in all areas of IT-Infrastructure and are your number one contact in the following competences: Network & security, Operating systems and server hardware, directory integrated management, server based computing (in Citrix environments), storage & backup, computer centre supply and server management, and system & service. With around 30 employees our knowledge is being used to the best benefit for our customers. Computer & Competence: friendly people with reliable solutions.Computer & Competence GmbHWarnstedtstrasse 12-16D-22525 HamburgPhone: +49 40 54 88 2-0Fax: +49 40 54 88 2-288eMail: sales@cuc.deWeb:  


CROCODIAL is focused on consulting and service in the field of secure data communication. More than 500 successful projects brought perfectly matching solutions to companies from 100 to over 30.000 employees. From our branches in Hamburg and Duesseldorf customers all over Germany receive unbiased and independent support.CROCODIAL IT Security GmbHGertigstraße 2822303 HamburgPhone: +49 40 271 661-0Fax: +49 40 271 661-44eMail: info@crocodial.deWeb:  

Hic Salta d.o.o.

Distributor for Slovenia. HIC SALTA d.o.o. , n established consultant, distributor and reseller of security solutions for IT-security (BorderWare, CA, Clearswift, Microdasys, S.I.T., Symantec etc.). The company represents over 10 years of experience in implementing security solutions in areas of banking and finance, pharmacy, government, consumer goods, retail sales and energy production. Hic Salta d.o.o. Tbilisijska 85 Ljubljana SI-1000 Slovenia Phone: +386 1 479 00 29 Fax: +386 1 479 00 65 eMail: Web:  


Being a consulting and service provider we care for customers across Europe since 1995. Partnerships, authorisations and certifications by large scale companies are proof to our know-how. Take advantage of our experience in setting up classic firewall solutions, VPNs for extranet security, in setting up field services and home office solutions and LAN-to-LAN-connections. MediaCircle Ltd.Reichsstraße 793055 RegensburgPhone: +49 941 60807-0Fax: +49 941 60807-28eMail: info@mediacircle.deWeb:  


NETFOX AG (PLC) is a leading regional service provider offering solutions for business critical IT requirements with focus on compliance, network management and process management. NETFOX has set up its headquarter in the Europarc Dreilinden, nearby the border between the council Brandenburg and the city of Berlin. Founded in 1989, the company developed steadily. The motive power in the first years came from the technological innovations at that time, letting the customer face even greater challenges. After the downfall of the NewEconomy, technology lost its role as the single motive in investment decisions of our customers. Taking this into account the venture has restructured itself consistently towards customers and solutions. For our customer each project turns into a valuable asset for improving their market position, increased competitiveness, more options in customer retentions or security internal processes. Based on years of cooperation with accredited companies like Microsoft, Cisco systems or Novell, NETFOX always continued to be ahead of technological development, which consequently allowed the customer to use new technologies in a safe and reliable fashion. As a regular clientele NETFOX can count in the public sector as well as regional economy.NETFOX AktienGesellschaft (PLC)Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 1b14532 KleinmachnowPhone: +49 33203 290-600Fax: +49 33203 290-999eMail: netfox@netfox.deWeb:  

ROTON Pleyer & Maisenbacher Ltd.

Being a service and consulting company in the IT sector, Roton??s product portfolio and the tailor cut customer service makes sure that the flow of electronic information and transactions in your company is secure. The range of products and services reach from consulting over networking and security to hard- and software components including support.Since foundation in 1996, Roton developed it??s business and market range across Germany. The service mentality Roton stands up to is minted by quality, continuity and flexibility.ROTON Pleyer & Maisenbacher GmbHFliegenweg 2170439 StuttgartPhone: +49 711 1367320Fax: +49 711 13673211eMail: Info@roton.deWeb:  

SwissSecure ?? The Secure Mail Company

SwissSecure is the leading Swiss IT security Consulting Company with a single focus on one topic, which is growing rapidly in visibility and relevance: email security. As a Swiss engineering firm, SwissSecure offers customized, cutting-edge solutions to its customers, taking into account the customer's security requirements in an optimal way. Reputable enterprises and governmental authorities of Switzerland trust the profound knowledge and the excellent adviser's competence of SwissSecure. SwissSecure AG Haldenstrasse 34 CH-8955 Oetwil a. d. L. Switzerland Phone: +41 44 77 55 111 Fax: +41 44 77 55 101 eMail: Web:  

WG Systemhaus

In 1994 our venture, the WG Systemhaus for information technologies, was founded by Dipl. Ing. Wolfgang Grebe in Berlin. Since that time we became a well known and accredited consulting and service company in the IT business. Facing the complexity of solutions in the IT and communications sector customers calling for reliable and competent partners. We are well adjusted to this situation and able to provide solutions based on market leading technologies. Versatile forms of cooperation with external service provider, opening the scope for customer to focus on theirs core business, thereby becoming more competitive to stand up to nowadays market and cost related challenges. As a vendor independent service provider we can offer individual analysis, conceptions and solutions. Our business range reaches from implementing complete network infrastructures, service orientated support up to the creation of customer specific applications. Against the speed in which the IT sector develops, we stand up with experience, training and knowledge, which we are proudly offering to you. Our straight forward internal structure enables flexible and dynamic performance along with quick decisions.WG Systemhaus for information technologyLandsberger Straße 26212623 BerlinPhone: +49 30 56 54 00-0Fax: +49 30 56 54 00-6 66eMail: info@wg-systemhaus.deWeb:  

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