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CompanyCRYPT News ArchivHere are a few articles of Secure Internet traffic and the encryption module CompanyCRYPT.

Encryption meets content security

Article (German language) taken from LANline August 2005 (

The software vendor S.I.T. Secure Internet Traffic presenting their central eMail encryption solution "CompanyCRYPT" in the current version 1.1.7.  

End user at local Council (Landkreises Lüneburg) encrypt eMails with the press of a button

Article (German language) taken from COMPUTERWOCHE 31/2005 (

Using the encryption modul "CompanyCRYPT" sensible files containing patient data can now be exchanged by email whilst full filling all legal requirements. Read more in the complete article.  

Network Computing reports about CompanyCRYPT on their CeBIT- tour

Article (in German) taken from NETWORK COMPUTING (

CeBIT-Tour - E-Mail-Encryption: "The IT-solution provider netFORMAT presents it's latest version of the central eMail encryption solution »CompanyCRYPT«. CompanyCRYPT is a server based solution, that enables anti-virus and anti-spam content filtering even on encrypted messages. This solution has been developed by netFORMAT, to enable companies to enjoyprotected, confidential eMail traffic with external partners, customers and suppliers via the insecure Internet. "  

eMails in an envelope

Article (in German) taken from EGOVERMENT COMPUTING 10.2004 (

"Encryption. At the local government Lueneburg the Open-Source product Gnu-PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) has been integrated into the existing eMail infrastructure. The end user now can receive and send encrypted eMails with the press of a button."  

Centralized encryption solves security problem

Article (in German) taken from Clearswift CHANNELRADAR 01.10.2004 (

"No question, eMail exchange has become the most used application in the internet. By now there is a serious need for exchanging eMails with business partners containing explicitly confidential or sensitive personal data and files."  

Content security at NORD/LB

Article (in German) taken from KES 06.2002 (

"A reliable eMail architecture is the backbone of every security concept. The NORD/LB (Norddeutsche Landesbank, Germany) in cooperation with the IT-network-service-provider netFORMAT has developed an integrated solution, that provides adequate protection against the risks of using eMail."  

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