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You would like to check the validity of an eMail-Signature?

What does it take? Which information do you need?

You have received a digitally signed eMail from us.
You are able to determine the type of method used to sign this eMail - PGP or S/MIME?

Ways of verification:

PGP: Has the eMail been signed by our Central Signing Account Company key, then you should verify the key properties with the ones listed below.

PGP key information
Name: Signatur-Gateway S.I.T. GmbH & Co. KG
Comment: S.I.T. Secure Internet Traffic GmbH&Co.KG,
Hannover, DE
Fingerprint: 99CF 23BE A0B8 6566 FF29
E294 82C8 66BC 2313 657F
Valid from: 24.03.2010 until: (never expires)

Has the eMail been 'personally' signed by one of our employees, then you would verify the signature in a similar way. The trustworthiness of the 'personal' key can be verified by the signature of the company key (Central Signing Account - details as above) on the employee's key. All employees keys are always being signed by our company key.

S/MIME: Our S/MIME certificates are issued by SwissSign. The SwissSign CA-certificate (verifying or key identities) is already integrated in every current version of MS-Windows or MS Internet Explorer and can be found in the Windows certificate store under "Trustworthy Issuer". Based on this level of trust you can followed up the validity of our certificates in its properties. This now enables to verify the signature over the eMail.


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