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What is CompanyCRYPT

CompanyCRYPT realizes centralized encryption of confidential eMails. No user interaction is needed to send eMails in compliance with legal or commercial obligations. Besides the personal signing and encryption of eMails the gateway also allows the signing with a company key, much like an internal post office. CompanyCRYPT was developed to secure and protect your sensitive eMail communication with external partners, customers, suppliers or clients against eavesdropping.

Main functions
CompanyCRYPT is a specially developed encryption module fully integrated into MIMEsweeper. The encryption standards OpenPGP and S/MIME are supported ...
Technical details
CompanyCRYPT offers full support for the encryption standard S/MIME in accordance with RFC 2633 and for OpenPGP in accordance with RFC 2015/3156 ...
Screen shots
The intuitive, web-based management interface of CompanyCRYPT combines comfortable configuration and efficient administration ...
Initial assistance and responses to unresolved questions or problems are available in the Frequently Asked Questions ...

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