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CompanyCRYPT Screen shotsCompanyCRYPT offers a functional web user interface. This enables convenient remote administration of CompanyCRYPT settings along the lines of MIMEsweeper.

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010 | Start-Up Center

Overview with fast access to important settings  

015 | Trusted CA Store

The Trusted CA Store files trustworthy CA certificates from external communication partners.  

020 | Distributed systems (synchronisation)

CompanyCRYPT has been designed for use on both individual systems and in distributed environments involving more than one server, thus supporting centralised management of distributed systems in line with the multi-server functionality of the MIMEsweeper.  

025 | Update Checker

Thru this function you will be informed about new product releases and the importance of the available updates.  

030 | Ad Hoc encryption

Ad hoc encryption is particularly suitable where the recipient does not use either of the two standard procedures - PGP or S/MIME. Ad hoc encryption may be deployed immediately without the need for exchange of keys between recipient and sender beforehand.  

040 | Automatical Import

Ãœber den automatischen Schlüsselimport können Sie neue Keys und Zertifikate - abhängig von der Vertrauenstellung der Zertifizierungsstelle - direkt in die Schlüsselverwaltung von CompanyCRYPT importieren.  

060 | Company key (CSA Central Signing Account)

The Central Signing Account (CSA) is the most important account/key in CompanyCRYPT. It takes on the function of a Certification Authority for the PGP keys. The CSA may also be used to sign outgoing e-mails on behalf of the company.  

110 | Exchange of keys (MIKE)

The MIKE feature enables CompanyCRYPT to permit the automatic exchange of keys. MIKE stands for Mail Initiated Key Exchange.  

140 | Administration of external keys

This area provides you with access to external contacts keys (public keys).  

160 | Site to Site encryption

This feature provides a convenient method for using e-mail domains for encryption between two partners. Mails for a certain domain are always encrypted with the same key regardless of the user receiving the communication.  

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