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Customer OpinionOur activities center on customer satisfaction. Every business aspect, development, sales, serviceline and backoffice, are focused to offer market leading technologies along with a complete service portfolio to you. We like to achieve long term partnerships with our customers.

David Blackman, Choice Hotels Australasia Pty Ltd

"A well-functioning product that meets our needs."Sensitive customer stay information is exchanged by email with a partner airline (Qantas). The previous manual desktop encryption was cumbersome to use and difficult to manage. Interactions could not be automated because of the manual steps involved, and any changes in staff required installing, configuring and training in PGP Desktop for their use. "Everything is working fine and the users are very happy not to have to use PGP Desktop any more."

Frank Brandenburg, Clearswift GmbH

"The combination of MIMEsweeper and the encryption instrument CompanyCRYPT really adds to the benefit of the customer. Encrypted file attachments are no longer an illusion á la Copperfield. Where our content scanner had to fish in muddy water, because what is invisible cannot be scanned, there is now brought light to the darkness."

Michael Ziegeler, Landkreis Lüneburg

There are email encryption solutions offered by well accredited companies. Why did the city council Lueneburg make use of CompanyCRYPT? "(Our) IT Services had to find out that most vendors brought a complete infrastructure, that means own server, along with their products. But we have already been working with Clearswift and already had a MIMEsweeper on our site. S.I.T. was able to build a customized solution that fit to our content inspection. Besides that it had been a rather inexpensive offer, which fits excellent into our concept of centralization."

Rainer Siebert NORDLB

Main goal for the development of CompanyCRYPT, was to build a solution that is based on standards without limitations towards certain programs, vendors or operating systems: "That was the reason why S.I.T. received the order to develop a solution, which realises the interaction between virus-scan, content-scan and encryption. We wanted to be independent from the all the connected email systems, no obligations towards self-made certificates or towards a certain groupware system within the company and of course a solution that keeps us ready for the future."

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