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Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway

Balancing the requirement for strong network security with the need to harness collaborative web technologies is essential for business growth. The Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway is a trusted internet security solution for your web gateway that does just that.

The Clearswift SECURE Web Gateways policy-based content-filtering engine allows your organisation to both exploit and benefit from modern web technologies and services, while ensuring that the company network remains fully protected against incoming threats and data leakage.

With the Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway deployed, the web is transformed from a high-risk environment to a place of free and safe collaboration and communication. Business-enhancing online technologies, like webmail, social-media websites and collaborative services, can therefore be enabled with confidence.

Both Web and Email Appliances exploit Clearswift SECURE the policy-based content-inspection and filtering platform. Template policies can be tailored at user level to enable the safe exchange of information. For example, collaborative website use can be allowed but file uploads and display of inappropriate content prevented.

Flexible reporting supports policy development, meaning access to essential online tools and services can be preserved and managed, preventing data leaks and mitigating regulatory and reputational risks. Convenient deployment options, including virtualised appliances, can also bring major benefits.

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