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Clearswift MIMEsweeper for SMTP

The leading email management solution to the protection of complex email infrastructures

The MIMEsweeper for smtp email software is an extremely progressive system for the administration and the protection of email traffic. No other email solution covers the complex requirements of detailed guidelines, processes and operational sequence so comprehensively or offers such differentiated control mechanisms, with which you can adapt the solution perfectly to the specific requirements of your enterprise.

MIMEsweeper for SMTP fulfills your extensive or complex email requirements

MIMEsweeper for SMTP is the result of more than twenty years experience, which collected CLEAR Swift with the development of email safety solutions for many of the world-wide largest and most fastidious enterprises. This background makes it to the ideal solution for enterprises, which would like to protect and guarantee their email communication at the same time comprehensively that their targets for their security and productivity as well as the observance are completely converted of laws and Compliance requirements.

On a view

- MIMEsweeper with email content Filtering for the effective protection of data loss and control of the email Routings
- Comprehensive, multi-level anti-Spam solution with personnel Message management
- Supports virus scanner of different offerers
- High scaling barness for 100.000 users and more
- Completely consolidated management for several gateways facilitates the consolidation
- Hierarchically left guideline model for the complex guideline production integrates with Active Directory/LDAP servers
- Role-based management and Workflow process
- Multi Domain management for up to 2.000 email Domains
- Complete message tracking with monitoring, notification and audit functionality
- On Microsoft. Net - service aligned architecture

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