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Each individual message is supervised, filtered, pursued and provided with a complete audit Trail.

MIMEsweeper for SMTP offers complete control of your email environment to you, by uniting the best safety and content Filtering technologies smoothly to a solution.

Differently than other technologies to the protection from overruns MIMEsweeper offers for fast email protection, which can take only minimum changes out of your existing business practices required and with that you an immediate RoI (Return on investment to smtp) of your email infrastructure.

No other solution for email security offers to you a such flexibility with the implementation or the possibility of optimizing and reliably of implementing enterprise-internal and laws so simply, during it at the same time such a progressive and global, roll-based management made possible.

MIMEsweeper for SMTP worries about detailed, outgoing and internally dispatched enamels, and message control of MIMEsweeper for smtp is clear with its document and recognition of type of file and in the range of the email content Filtering best procedures for the dismantling of messages leading.

Combined with the progressive search functions and tools methods of analysis and test comprehensive for the recognition of type of file as well as this solution offers complete control of it, which sensitive data and information go through your email systems to you.

Each individual message is pursued, supervised, filtered and examined. This procedure is supported by progressive reporting tools, which pursue Policy injuries and which persons and departments identify, who offended against the guidelines.

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