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Public sector

ReferencesPublic administration, ministries, agencies and institutions of the federal government and companies are in the energy, transport and traffic are included in this area

Bracknell Forest Borough Council

Local government district of South East England


With 8 tram routes and 45 bus routes, a fleet of several hunderts vehicles in Bremen consisting of 210 modern buses and 121 trams, Bremer Straßenbahn AG keeps the city on the move every day. Well over 267.000 people each day enjoy the comfortable, punctual and safe transport we provide, and that's no accident - service and quality are top priorities at BSAG. To this end, we have 2.090 employees working day and night: behind the wheel, at the tram controls, in the workshops, in the service offices and in our administrative facilities.

Landkreis Lueneburg

The IT service of the administration of local government Lueneburg interconnects about 400 user within the administration as well as the municipals and schools of the rural district and centrally provides all IT services. The modern and secure infrastructure is the basis of the eGovernment for the 173.000 residents of the rural district. In some departments encrypted data exchange is a legal obligation that is realized with CompanyCRYPT in compliance with the strategic orientation of IT services.

Stadtwerke Peine

The public services company Peine GmbH is a municipal energy supplier. They supply the city of Peine and the fourteen surrounding municipals reliably and low-priced with energy and water. Besides around 27,000 households also supply corporate client with energy. 120 employees guarantee their customers competent and comprehensive service day by day around the clock.

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