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Financial Services

ReferencesThis sector includes banks, insurance companies and consulting firms.

Barnett Waddingham

Barnett Waddingham LLP is an independent firm of actuaries and consultants with seven offices throughout the UK. We offer a full range of professional services to pension schemes, insurance companies and friendly societies. These services include the design, valuation and financial management of occupational pension schemes as well as advice relating to the investment of assets and the selection and monitoring of fund managers. Full administration services are also provided to pension schemes.  

Bremer Landesbank

As a universal bank the Bremer Landesbank takes on the tasks of a business bank for a broad spectrum of customers. Furthermore its is the federal bank for the federal state of Bremen and central clearing house for 15 savings banks in their area of business. To be present on the international market in London, Bremer Landesbank is represented by their subsidiary, the Bremer Landesbank Capital Markets PLC. In addition to that it maintains foreign representations and offices - partially in cooperation with NORD/LB - i.e. in the following locations: Luxemburg, Zurich, Singapore, Paris, Piraeus, Prague, Warsaw, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne. In regard to the principals of their business philosophy Bremer Landesbank always applies the highest standards on all their business actions.  

Norddeutsche Landesbank

NORD/LB is the leading universal bank in North Germany. Its business policy is concentrated on North Germany and on Northern and Eastern Europe. As an international commercial bank, NORD/LB maintains a presence in all the major financial and trading centres, including London, Singapore and New York. It has representations and service offices worldwide and a network of more than 1,500 correspondent banks. Over the year the amount of employees of the affiliated NORD/LB group reaches an average of 9,590.  

Rauser Towers Perrin

Tower Perrin can be seen among the world leading management consultancy companies. This consulting firm helps companies, to deploy and lead their employees in a way that the overall company performance is substantially improved. In Germany, Towers Perrin operates branches in Frankfurt, Cologne and Reutlingen with around 290 employees. In the line of business or HR Services Towers Perrin advises companies in the areas of company pension scheme, talent management as well as strategic HR functions. Since July 2005 all activities concerning company pension schemes are bundled under the trademark of Rauser Tower Perrin.  

UniCredit Leasing

With over 3,000 employees in 17 countries, UniCredit Leasing is among the leading companies both in the core markets of Europe and in the growth markets of Central and Eastern Europe. More than 100,000 customers were offered financial solutions for both mobile and immobile assets. Each of the companies is extremely successful in their various markets and can concentrate on their core competence, thereby contributing to the further growth of UniCredit as a whole. Furthermore, the Group operates an exemplary network between the various countries. This network is available to all of the Group's customers with financing solutions for their own investments abroad or for the sales financing of their exports.  

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